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The Day Humble Herbert Became a Hero

Herbert is a lovable dot who is often feared by others because of his disability. His disability would one day be a gift to those who feared him. Herbert shows us all that disabilities are really gifts and that we can all be heroes.



"My son had issues with transitions in the community and in school, Keisha was able to help him in understanding changes and transitions and he is now doing well. Her patience and the way she understood him was the best thing that could happen to us. Thanks Powell Therapy Solutions LLC." - Michelle C.

"One of the challenges for us as parents is to discuss puberty with our son. Although, we tried to explain the changes that were taking place in his body; he was frustrated to the point of throwing tantrums. Before, Keisha worked with him, she trained us and encouraged us to communicate with him in a different manner. Not only did this work but as a mother I no longer feared that he would be misunderstood as I have heard horror stories. I felt reassurance from Keisha and she made it educational without making us or my son feel uncomfortable. I would highly recommend Powell Therapy Solutions LLC  to anyone." - Angela B.

"I wanted to share my experience with working with Miss Keisha Powell. She provided services such as ABA and Discrete Trial services to my 5 year old son. Since she started working with him, my husband and I  noticed progress in my son’s behavior and with regards to his language skills.

I would highly recommend parents of children on the Autism spectrum to utilize the services that Miss Powell provides. She has a unique approach of teaching children that differs from the other therapy centers that are out there.

We are extremely grateful to her and enjoy working with her as she also provides techniques that can be applied at home in order to promote continuous learning and growth to a variety of skill sets.” - Maureen

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