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About Us

We are a data based driven company that utilize technology and assessments in understanding changes in behaviors, social communication, motor, academic and transition skills. Powell Therapy Solutions LLC is a state licensed and national approved provider company with trained personnel.


Our focus is on the population we are hired to serve. Let us help you in shaping solutions for your loved one.


Our goal is to ensure that everyone we serve will have the quality of life that they truly deserve. 

Keisha Powell - PhD Candidate, MA, CAS, ATS

Chief Executive Officer
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Miss Powell is a certified and licensed Autism Specialist, Assistive Technology Specialist, Educational Diagnostician and Author. Miss Powell has received extensive training in Autism Assessments and was trained in the ADOS-2 by the coauthor Dr. Susan Ricci. Miss Powell was also trained in Sexuality and Sexual Education for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders under Dr. Peter Gerhardt of the Organization of Autism Research. Miss Powell is certified and trained to conduct Autism Assessments, Autism Sexual Abuse and Sexual Awareness therapy, Cognitive and Behavioral Assessments, Curriculum and Instructional design, Feeding Disorders, Social Skills Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis and Transition development for individuals diagnosed with disabilities. She has designed Functional Skills, Autism and Transition programs in several school districts, Magnet Schools in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Miss Powell also held the position of Autism Coordinator for the State Education Resource Center and was instrumental in the design of the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Autism Initiative. She has trained educators, parents, service responders and administrators on educating and working with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, Selective Mutism, Prader Willi Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury and Emotional Disorders.


She has over 26 years of experience in conducting assessments and has worked with families in Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Ohio and in the Caribbean. She has worked with the Connecticut State Board of Education initiatives, advocacy groups, and school systems in developing community awareness and acceptance of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities. Miss Powell has received the Pioneer Valley Award for the development of a Comprehensive Autism Transition program and has also received awards from Autism Speaks for her work with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She is passionate about advocating for parents and families with loved ones diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Miss Powell is also an approved qualified Behavioral Consultant provider with Connecticut's Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and is a member of the American Psychological Association.

Miss Powell is currently working on her PhD in Performance Psychology at Grand Canyon University.

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